Stay on target

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Stay on target by Mind Map: Stay on target

1. Stay organized

1.1. Clear your workspace

2. Develop a toutine

2.1. Play music

2.2. Follow a systematic pattern of behavior

3. Make a list

3.1. Write all the tasks

3.2. Cross off each item as when you complete it

4. challenge yourself

4.1. Turn the task into the a game

4.2. Make the task harder

5. Reserve some ''do not disturb'' time

5.1. Close the door

5.2. Work in a closed area

5.3. Work in a quiet space

6. Go offine

6.1. No Game

6.2. No facebook

6.3. No Gmail

6.4. No web sufting

7. Take a breather

7.1. close your eyes

7.2. take a short walk

7.3. relax your muscles

7.4. breathe deeply