The Obstetric Patient

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The Obstetric Patient by Mind Map: The Obstetric Patient

1. Questions to ask in the history. 1) When is the due date? 2) Is this your first baby? 3) Who is the MD following your pregnancy?

1.1. Nutrition Considerations.

1.1.1. Contraindications to NMSD treatments? Web links:

2. Suggested Readings: Primary Care for the Physical Therpaist: Boissonnault W. Pages 326 - 352

3. Obstetrical Physical Therapy Review of the Literature PEGGY BLAKE GLEESON and JULIE A. PAULS The purpose of this article is to review the literature regarding physical therapy services for pregnant women. Specific services discussed are 1) posture evaluation, 2) treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction, 3) stress management through relaxation training, and 4) exercise physiology application. Increased education of physical therapists about the specific needs of pregnant women will enhance the quality of physical therapy that obstetrical patients receiveReadings:This article was submitted March 30, 1987; was with the authors for revision 31 weeks; and was accepted May 23, 1988. Potential Conflict of Interest: 4. Volume 68 / Number 11, November 1988


4. Medications

5. Imaging

6. Link to PT Assessment