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Bod by Mind Map: Bod

1. lives in graveyard

1.1. given freedom of the graveyard

1.2. only living resident

1.3. is raised by ghosts, werewolves and other cemeter denizens

1.4. orphan

2. have learned supernatural abilities

2.1. Fading from human sight

2.2. haunting

2.3. dreamwalking

3. inquisitive

3.1. gets in troubles

3.2. hair-raising adventures

4. lovable

4.1. helps others

4.2. wouldn't injure anybody

4.3. simple-minded about real life

4.3.1. wants to get more knowledge

5. unobtrusive

5.1. blond hair

5.2. wears grey clothes -> he dont pop up from the graveyard

6. full name Nobody Owens

6.1. his adoptive parents: Mr and Mrs Owens

7. has only one living friend - Scarlett

8. family have been murdered