Evaluation Activity 7 - Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have leant in...

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Evaluation Activity 7 - Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have leant in the progression from it to the full product? by Mind Map: Evaluation Activity 7 - Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have leant in the progression from it to the full product?

1. 2. Thriller opening

1.1. Pre-Production

1.1.1. The preliminary task differed to are thriller opening in terms of pre-production is that as a group we had a few weeks to prepare. for example we were able to research the thriller genre which meant we were able to understand some of the do's and dont's of the genre. after the research aspect we than pitched are ideas to the group added with audience research and feedback, after coming to that conclusion that David's idea was the way to go, we then started the planing process which entailed, various audience research to see what the people would want to watch, then when planning the shoot a shot list had to be made with a storyboard, script and a costume and make-up planed for. This contrasted to are preliminary task as we didn't have time to plan any of these aspects with the limited time to plan and this planing really came in to show as the difference in quality of the two tasks.

1.2. Production

1.2.1. As we had already planned what we were doing to do on the day it was alot easier to acheave what we wanted to in the task, the production precess different to the preliminary task as we were able to plan the many aspects of a successful film such as Script and costume etc another aspect that differed to the preliminary task was that many more aspects were in are control such as lighting and sound; in terms of lighting as we had already learnt about lighting in class we all were confident in using key, fill and back to are advantage for example with the genre and style of are opening we desired to make the light darker which really set the scene and atmosphere furthermore in terms of sound we were provided with a Rode Microphone which really helped when in came to the quality of the sound as the microphone was able to block out any unnecessary sounds and enabled us to have the possibility to enhance any diegetic sound during the editing process.

1.2.2. During the planing we were able to study the type of shoots which made different affect this meant it was easy to create affects with different angels

1.2.3. When Creating the preliminary task we were told to use the 180% rule which turned out to be a massive help during the Production process

1.2.4. As we had now had experiences with with the cameras as a group we were more confident which meant we were able to gain better shots by using the many elements of a camera

1.3. Post-Production

1.3.1. In contrast to the preliminary task our skills with the editing software which meant we were able to implement many affects to enhance the effects of our opening for example the Ken Burns effect and the slow motion at the end of the opening. We were also able to design our tiles, logo and credits which differed to are preliminary task. Many elements of are opening differed to are preliminary task such as the transitions and the many different sound effects another vital affect we used during the opening was the flashback, which contained many fast cuts with sound affects. since the preliminary task i have leant alot about using editing software in the terms of using affects

2. 1. Preliminary Task

2.1. Pre-Production

2.1.1. When planning what we were going to shoot my group and i had extremely limited time 2 lessons which is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to do all the stages of Production, which meant are time to plan and shoot was very short, this meant we had to cut one of the Production, which was pre-production which meant going in to the filming we only had a vague idea of what we were going to shoot, with on storyboard this meant that the quality if the whole task as with more time we would have been able to plan the lighting angle and type of shoots which would have made the overall quality if the task better

2.1.2. Filming - When filming most of my group has little to known experience with using the Canon 650D SLR camera but i do photography a level so i had a little more experience but still not to confident level. During the filming process there were some aspects to the setting which my group wasn't sure about such as white balance which as a result meant some of are shots wasn't at the best of quality for example the exposure on shekarie's face.

2.1.3. Also Due to the limited time for planing the preliminary task meant the are group didn't have a script which mean that during the production the cast has to improvise which i would say lowered the quality of the dialogue aspect of the task

2.2. Production

2.2.1. Also due to the limited time are we had to rush with curtain aspects for example we wasn't able to create a shot list which meant we had to wing the types of shots we which meant we couldn't always gain the affect we wanted, also with are inexperience using the camera an array of shots were out of focus.

2.2.2. When filming we didn't take the sound quality in to consideration which meant a portion of the footage poor sound due to the wind, this meant that we strengthen the sound cause we needed to gain a quality video

2.3. Post-Production

2.3.1. Editing - during the convocation part of are clip we recorded the scene twice from different angles this meant during the editing we had to conjoin the clips to make one. The task required us to demonstrate continuity editing and a shot reverse shot which was the convocation between the two leads and an example of match on action. Our clip successfully used a three and I was happy with how are chip ended out. After the shoot me and Patrycja had to edit one and David and shekarie. this meant that everyone in our group got hands on experience with final cut pro, this editing software was easy to gain skills as the software isn't to difficult