Faith's Life

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Faith's Life by Mind Map: Faith's Life

1. Talent

1.1. Dancing

1.1.1. I took a dance class last year and it was called jazz class, we learned different moves about it.

1.2. Photography

1.2.1. I like taking pictures of the nature mostly but with my family and friends too. I would want to capture the moment when I first met my dad. So I could keep the picture for a remembrance.

1.3. Athelicism

1.3.1. My favorite sports are Volleyball & Basketball.

2. Accomplishment

2.1. Coming here to school to get all my credits

2.2. Getting to the right path after what happened to my past, as in when I lost my dad.

2.3. One of the most hardest accomplishment in my life was to quit smoking.

3. Goals after High School

3.1. Go to Evergreen college and transfer to a University and I'm not sure where I want to go yet.

3.2. Get a part time job to help out my grandma

3.3. I want to go to the Philippines where I was born and visit my family and friends.

4. Personal quality

4.1. Hard Working

4.1.1. Coming to school, completing all my works and getting good grades.

4.2. Adventurous

4.2.1. I went to Yosemite and did hiking, taking pictures and just explore the place.

4.3. Helpful

4.3.1. Cleaning the house, wash dishes and help my grandma with grocery.

5. Experience

5.1. I've experience not having my both parents

5.2. Smoking and drinking is bad for you because that was the cause of my dad's death.

5.3. Coming to United States was a big experience for me because it thought me how to be independent.