Why Do Americans Feel That All Muslims Are Terrorist?

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Why Do Americans Feel That All Muslims Are Terrorist? by Mind Map: Why Do Americans Feel That All Muslims Are Terrorist?

1. Americans

1.1. U.S

1.2. shares negative thoughts about muslims

2. Muslims/Islam

2.1. They are different

2.2. They're a unique culture.

2.3. Question: What are their beliefs?

2.4. all believe in one god (allah)

2.5. believe in the after life

3. Terrorism

3.1. Bombing

3.2. Threats

3.3. Isis

3.4. Iraq

3.5. Afghanistan

4. What did Muslims do to make Americans feel that most Muslims are Terrorist?

5. how Muslims feel when called a terrorist

5.1. frustrated

5.2. angry

5.3. hurt

6. goal

6.1. share positive thoughts about muslims

6.2. interview positive muslims

6.3. find muslims that have positive impacts on its community

7. plan of action

7.1. Take a picture of a Muslim

7.2. The caption will be a story about their positive side.

7.3. Also interview them on how they feel about Americans thinking that all Muslims are Terrorist or a part of terrorism

8. mission statement

8.1. What motivated us to do this project was the fact everyone is stereotyping all Muslims as terrorists but we feel that not all are as bad as people say they are.

8.2. The values that we think that is important is to think that all humans are equal.

8.3. i believe that all Muslims should feel safe when they're out in the community and be able to do the same things that we do without feeling left out.

9. Vision Statement

9.1. i want to see people connecting with Muslims and actually talk to them and make them feel welcomed in our community

9.2. I also want to see positive vibes between Americans and Muslims to make others feel comfortable in their own community.

9.3. see positive vibes between american & Muslims to make all citizens feel comfortable in their own communities.

10. video

10.1. show the negatives of Muslims that media has been showing

10.2. show statistics

10.3. then show the positives

10.4. famous muslims

11. Causes, few reasons why terrorist do this,.

11.1. Their rights have been taken away.

11.2. social media has been showing negativity about Muslims.

12. Links to our accounts

12.1. Instagram:

12.2. Facebook:

12.3. Twitter: