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*Cosmic* by Mind Map: *Cosmic*

1. Helping Each Other

1.1. Feelings

2. Family

2.1. Missing Your Family

2.2. Different Roles & Responsibilities

2.2.1. Helping Each Other

2.2.2. Trusting That Everyone Will Do Their Responsibility Trust

3. Trust

3.1. Florida Trusts Liam, But Is Tricked

3.1.1. Bribery Kids Adults

3.1.2. Trickery

3.1.3. People Give More Trust To The People They can Trust

3.2. Broken Trust

3.2.1. Bribery Kids Adults

3.2.2. Relationships Family Friends

3.3. Trusting Those In Charge

3.3.1. Adults

3.3.2. Teachers

4. Regret

4.1. Why Did I Do This?!?

4.1.1. Second thoughts

4.2. Hopes That Someone Will Help/Come

4.2.1. Family Mom Dad Sister Brother

4.2.2. If He Really Wanted To Go To Space, Why Did Not When He Got There

5. Kids In A Adult World

5.1. Kids Should Not Be Adult

5.1.1. Kids Want To Be Adults

5.1.2. Adults Want To Be Kids Again

5.2. Responsibilities Of Being A Adult

5.2.1. Money Taxes Food Energy Light Heat Clothes