Tuck Everlasting

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Tuck Everlasting by Mind Map: Tuck Everlasting

1. Fear Of The Unknown

1.1. Is there such thing like fear

1.2. Fear of different things and people

1.3. Why do people fear new things

2. Syndroms

2.1. Are there any syndromes which connect with the story

2.1.1. Mai

2.1.2. Man in the yellow suit

2.1.3. Winnie

2.1.4. Winnie the pooh

2.1.5. The Girl With Matches

2.2. How can you develop wierd syndromes

2.2.1. Is most of it in your head

3. Children And Their Needs

3.1. How would the world change if children could do whatever whenever

3.2. Negative and positive influence on children if their parents are kind of control freaks

4. Greed

4.1. How does greed change people

4.2. Rich or Poor