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Audience by Mind Map: Audience

1. Societally Conscious Achievers

2. Emulators

3. Succeeders

3.1. Succeeders seek control and have strong goals. They a also very confident people in terms of their work business and social life. They tend to buy products of more higher quality and brand choices.

4. Thinkers

4.1. Engage with the world around them. They are mature, satisfied and liberal.

5. MainStreamers

5.1. Mainstreamers tend to seek security and be domestic, sentimental and favour value for money brands including family brands. This group consists of a large population of human beings.

6. Aspirers

6.1. Aspires seek status in terms of what they own and tend to be very materialistic. They also seem to care a lot on how they look and are very orientated to image, appearance and fashion. Usually the younger generation are placed in this psychographic group.

7. Reformers

7.1. Reformers seek enlightenment in terms of personal growth and Knowledgement. They tend to have independent judgement and awareness. Anti-materialistic however have good taste in objects. They have also attended higher education and selects products in terms of it's quality.

8. Materialists

9. Hedonists

10. Traditionalist

11. Security & Stability Seekers

12. Do-Gooders

13. Carers

14. Radicals

15. Underachievers