Creation and Imagination

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Creation and Imagination by Mind Map: Creation and Imagination

1. What the world would be like without creativity and imagination.

1.1. The world would be dull with nothing vivid or enjoyable.

1.2. The main focus would be strength and intelligence.

1.3. The world wouldn't have any inventors or fixers, so that means nothing new or improved. Everything in the world be old and rusty.

2. How the world is with creation and imagination.

2.1. The world is full of different kinds of people that specialize in different kinds of things, and different qualities.

2.2. The world is vivid, and full of energy and color.

2.3. The world is full of new and improved things because people have imaginations and keep inventing things.

3. People have different kinds of smarts.

3.1. Nature smart: People who recognize features in the natural world.

3.2. Body smart: People who use their bodies to solve problems or communicate ideas that cannot be expressed in other ways.

3.3. People smart: Aware of the moods, feelings and desires of others.

4. Creating something that has helped the world.

4.1. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. It helped people stay in touch with one another like never before.

4.2. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. He came up with a way to get people out of the darkness, even at night and in isolated rooms.

4.3. Richard Trevithick invented the first full-scale working railway locomotive. Trains made it easy to transport large amounts of goods to far away places.

5. People can create many different works of art.

5.1. Writing a story would be a work of art because just like when someone sees a physical work of art, they feel something different, and it makes them intrigued.

5.2. A colorful, blooming garden is one way someone can express themselves. They can plant in anyway they please, and they can chose whatever flowers they want to use.

5.3. When someone draws, they put their soul into that one drawing. With each stroke they show their creativity.

6. Some people express their imaginations more than others.

6.1. Some adults don't show their imaginations because the don't want to be judged or be different than everyone else.

6.2. Kids show there imaginations more because they haven't been exposed to a society in which diversity is concluded as bad.

6.3. Some kids get pushed down for having active imaginations. At some schools, teachers focus only on smarts and ignore imagination.

7. Imagination can help you get through hard times.

7.1. If someone close to you passes away, you could imagine that they are still there, and keep their spirit right next to you to help get over your loss.

7.2. When you feel like nobody understands you, you can create imaginary friends that will always understand you.

7.3. Sometimes imagining that a stressful situation is over helps you get through it better.

8. Imagination can happen in many different places.

8.1. Imagination occurs when someone is dreaming while they are sleeping.

8.2. Imagination can happen when you are bored because your mind tends to wander when you are not constantly being entertained.

8.3. Imagination happens when you desire something because your mind wants to be with that thing you desire, so you imagine that instead of reality.

9. Imagination is how everything is created.

9.1. With imagination can create food. You have to experiment with spices, recipes, and ingredients to make the perfect dish.

9.2. With imagination you can create music and songs. Song artists have to imagine the beat, the rhythm, the lyrics, and how to produce the work they have created.

9.3. You have to use imagination to teach people. There are many different types of people in this world that learn differently and at different paces. Teachers and parents have to imagine and create how to teach each and every one of their students, so they will be able to learn everything they need to.

10. Creation is always evolving.

10.1. The telephone has evolved into being more portable. Cell phones can fit into one's pocket now!

10.2. Transportation has evolved from a horse and buggie to a mechanical car that has a built in GPS.

10.3. Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse has evolved from being a drawing of a cartoon mouse on a piece of paper to being the main character in million dollar digital films.