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Isolation by Mind Map: Isolation

1. Loneliness

1.1. Fear

1.1.1. Anger

1.2. Unsettlement

1.2.1. Uncomfortable

1.2.2. Stress

1.3. No one to go to

1.3.1. Having lost all who care for you, whether it was due to death, or just an everyday mishap.

2. Solitude

2.1. At peace

2.1.1. Death Death for some is a transition from a world with many flaws an disasters into a realm of quite and peace.

2.1.2. Enlightenment

2.2. No Distractions

2.2.1. Free from all disturbences

2.3. Willingly going into solitude

2.3.1. Sometimes means losing what is important to you. Unrest Stress

3. Cut Off

3.1. Stranded

3.1.1. Lost Literally Emotionaly Confused about something in one's life

3.1.2. In an alien environment

3.2. Unwanted By All

3.2.1. Wanting to join a group but being rejected because you are not wanted.

3.3. Could Still be near others, but may feel extracted from the group in their own way.

4. Individuality

4.1. Dissablility

4.1.1. If someone looks, acts, or is dramatically different in a way they can't help it, it would most defiantly isolate them.

4.2. Talent

4.2.1. If one has an abnormal talent, it may isolate them Sorting Stamps

4.3. Personality

4.3.1. Having Personality is a good thing, but being so stuck out from the rest might not always be a good thing.

4.3.2. If someone has a personality that could not relate them to anyone else, they may be alone in the world, having no one to connect with