Love and Loss Mind Map

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Love and Loss Mind Map by Mind Map: Love and Loss Mind Map

1. How Does Loss Inspire Love/Vice Versa?

1.1. If you lose someone, you love them even more than you already did.

1.2. "When you love someone, you're bound to lose them. Either you'll kick the bucket or they'll kick the bucket before you." - Olivia Moody

1.3. Love is a sub-consequence of loss, and loss is a sub-consequence of love.

2. What Would The World Be Like Without Loss/Vice Versa?

2.1. If there was no love, then everything would be gloomy.

2.2. If there was no love, then everyone would just be waiting to lose someone.

2.3. If there was no loss, there would be no love; Loss triggers love.

3. How can love help you in life?

3.1. When you love someone, most of the time, you feel happier because you know that someone loves you.

3.2. Love can be inspirational. You can get through something tough by just knowing that someone is there to love you, care for you, and protect you.

3.3. When you know that someone loves you, it makes you feel more accepted for who you truly are.

4. Why Does Love Hurt?

4.1. You think as loss being the part of the duo that hurts, but when you love someone, it hurts because it can be a challenge.

4.2. When you love someone, you don't want to lose them.

4.3. Love isn't easy; Sometimes you don't see something the person you love's way, and that can hurt.

5. What Other Emotions Are A Part of Love and Loss?

5.1. Grief is part of loss; You love them, and don't want to lose them.

5.2. Bittersweetness; When you have the feeling that you love someone, you know that one part of you will die before the other.

5.3. When you love someone, you have hope that you can be with them forever, but you know that you can't.

6. Which Hurts More: Love or Loss, and Why?

6.1. Neither indefinitely hurts more; It's a matter of opinions. Both love and loss have the ability to hurt you if you let them.

6.2. Love can hurt because you might love someone, but they might not love you back.

6.3. Loss can hurt because you know that you won't see them until you die, which can leave you mourning for a long, long time.

7. How Can You Cope With Loss After Love?

7.1. In the book Mockingbird, Caitlin finishes a chest for her brothers Eagle scout troop as part of her closure for her dead brother.

7.2. In the book Walk Two Moons, Sal goes to visit her mothers grave to help her overcome the unbearable sadness she faces when she thinks of her mother.

7.3. You can go and see someone like a counceler, someone who will listen to you. Or, you could just talk with your friends or family about the situation and they can help you get through it.

8. How Are Love and Loss Related?

8.1. Loss can create love, and through that loss, the love bond can become even stronger.

8.2. Love can come from loss, and loss can come from love.

8.3. Loss and love are both ideas created by humans.

9. How Does Love/Loss Make You Stronger?

9.1. You can learn from both, and you can grow metaphorically as a person.

9.2. Through loss, you can learn to love more.

9.3. Loving can make loss less painful.

10. Why Is Loss/Love Important?

10.1. Loss can make love even more important.

10.2. "Loss, is not an emotion. Love is a promise." - The Twelfth Doctor, Doctor Who

10.3. Loss teaches us to love, and love teaches us to dread loss.