The first time that I learned to ride bicycles

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The first time that I learned to ride bicycles by Mind Map: The first time that I learned to ride bicycles

1. It's one of the anecdote, I will more remember to celebrate all my life and I believe that never the will forget

2. Who did I ride bicycle with

3. Where was my anecdote

4. What's the anecdote?

5. When did I learn?

6. I always rode bicycle with my best friend and other friends of the block then we liked to compete by the streets of our neigborhood but I wasn't very good to ride bicycle

7. Why I liked a lot of

8. The truth I learned to ride bicycles with my brother when I was eight years old. we lived in cartagena, in 1987. my brother is a very interesting person and of admire

9. How did I learn?

10. I learned to ride bicycle when I was eight then I liked a lot of it activity because I met pretty people of the city.

11. my anecdote was in the city of cartagena, my neigborhood is named the campestre, It's a great place to live. then I lived there for nine years until that we moved to a new neigborhood.

12. all my anecdote of when I was kid, It's the that more like me because I remember that all at the weekends. we found to go out and compete with some of the people of other neigborhood