Hymn Hosanna

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Hymn Hosanna by Mind Map: Hymn Hosanna

1. New Genre of Christian Music

1.1. Soultech

1.1.1. The Journey Dark to Light Sleeping to Awaken

1.2. Dark

1.3. Informal Divinity

1.4. Singular & Unexpected


1.6. Refreshed & Regenerated

2. Hosanna

2.1. Hebrew for - Save Now

2.1.1. Rescue

2.1.2. Redemption

3. God


3.2. Messiah

3.3. Jesus

3.4. Hymn Hosanna

3.4.1. Conversation Starter Plants seed....

4. Gods words never fall on deaf ears.

4.1. Music for Followers & Non-Followers

4.1.1. Designed to reach people that tune out Christian music for more mainstream and popular genres.

4.2. To be undecided means to be decided.

4.3. Believers with no FAITH.

4.4. Believers in FAITH.

5. Music that Resonates

5.1. Grounded in Humility

5.2. Artistic & Evolved

5.3. Divergent

5.4. Atypical

5.5. Drama of Redemeption

6. Denial of Sin

6.1. Experience God's forgiveness.

6.2. If you believe you are basically a "good person" who is not desperately in need of God's forgiveness, click http://www.alwaysbeready.com/steps-to-peace-with-god?id=96

6.3. Repent.

6.4. Genuine repentance is a change of mind that is so complete that it leads to a change of life.

6.5. Restore your relationship with Him

7. Hybrid Genre

7.1. Additionally producing a variety of well known genres.

7.2. Soul Tech (soultech)

7.3. Gospel

7.3.1. Electronic Alternative Jazz Hip Hop Classical

8. Intention to Save

8.1. Discipleship is my purpose.