Writing About War

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Writing About War by Mind Map: Writing About War

1. The Art Of War By Sun Tzu

1.1. I feel like this work is a good fit for the topic of war because the art of war encompasses all aspects of war, not just a specific war or time. I feel like this author is a good fit for the topic because Tzu was a military strategist so he would know all about war.

2. For Whom The Bell Tolls By Ernest Hemingway

2.1. I feel like this is a good fit for the topic of war because it will allow me to contrast how war is described in an older book with how war is described in a more modern era. I also feel like this is good work because it is very descriptive of how the war was fought.

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5. I plan to use the text by text organizational scheme to write my paper. This is because I feel like I will describe the works better If i do text by text and also will allow me to do a lens comparison if I deem it to be necessary.