"Input and Output Devices"

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"Input and Output Devices" by Mind Map: "Input and Output Devices"

1. Input Devices are those devices that are used to send the information or data to the computer/machine. An example of an input device is the computer keyboard because it is used to enter text information into the computer. The benefits of an input device is a student's ability to enter texts, numerical figures and data at a fast pace. However, a challenge could be posed if a student is unable to type and cannot effectively use the keyboard.

2. The computer's software refers to the instructions that the computer carries out to perform a certain task.

2.1. internet browser

2.2. operating system

2.3. video game

3. Benefits of software: Depending upon what software you use, it could save you time and money by making the impossible possible. For example, accounting software could speed up payroll processing. However, if all of the information is not accurate, it could cause a problem in computing the right figures.

4. Output devices are those devices that are used to produce the results of the information or data that has been received. The output is the outcome of the input. An example of an output device is an ink jet printer. This device simply forms an image on a page that can be printed for tangible purposes. A benefit of this device is the ability to print a copy of a document or paper that a student has written. But, if the student has no access to a printer, this could be a challenge for having the document printed for its intended use. Otherwise, a student would have to write a lengthy document by hand.

5. The computer's hardware refers to the physical part of the computer system that can be touched, picked up or moved.

5.1. monitor

5.2. keyboard

5.3. mouse

6. Benefits of hardware: Hardware allows the computer the ability to find anything in a matter of minutes. Hardware allows your computer to be fast at processing information. However, computer hardware can be costly and that means space could be limited.