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Isaac Hawkins Notebook by Mind Map: Isaac Hawkins Notebook
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Isaac Hawkins Notebook

Top 5 Notebooks

Apple Mac Book Pro

Price: $2,044

Very fast Intel processor - makes it the best choice

Very expensive though with no HDMI, Blu-ray

Toshiba Portege

Price: $799

Slim and upscale design

Excellent keyboard and touch pad

Has Intel wireless display

Not a very good battery life, just average

HP Envy 17

Price: $1,299

Very slim and attractive design

Full HD display

The clickpad is very great though and the batter life is not great

Apple Mac Book Air

Price: $969

Nice slim design

Great keyboard/trackpad combo

16:9 display

Older processor

Doesn't have a backlit keyboard


Price: $3,399

Huge hard drive

Very high-end design

Extremely expensive and a horrible battery life

Top 5 Budget Notebooks - Under $1,000

Acer Aspire Timeline

Price: $735

Slim and attractive design

Great battery life

Bad mouse button though

Asus K40IJ

Price: $898

Great entertainment experience

Overall a nice notebook for it's price, although a little more expensive than a Netbook

Compaq Presario CQ41

Price: $735

Nice graphics and easy price

HDMI output as well

No ExpressCard slot

No dedicated multimedia buttons

Lenovo G450

Price: $735

Core Duo processor

Webcam capabilities are amazing

Toshiba Satellite L510

Price: $691

Pretty nice notebook for its asking price

Intel's Sandy Bridge CPU

Integrates a graphics processing unit inside the CPU

Provides an enhanced security feature

Anti-Theft 3.0, Remotely disables systems when they are lost or stolen

Enables PC's to be configured in a matter of minutes

UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface

Replaces BIOS

Enables your PC to boot in just a couple of seconds!

These new chips will appear as soon as 2011

Better and stronger support for modern software and drivers