There Will Be Soft Rains

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There Will Be Soft Rains by Mind Map: There Will Be Soft Rains

1. Vocab

1.1. Silhouette

1.1.1. -A two dimensional representation of the outline of an object

1.2. Paranoia

1.2.1. -A mental disorder characterized by delusions & the projection of personal conflicts

1.3. Regiment

1.3.1. -Rule or government over a person, people, or country

1.4. Incinerator

1.4.1. -A furnace or apparatus for burning something in to ashes

1.5. Capplilaries

1.5.1. -Resembling a strand(s) of hair

1.6. Oblivious

1.6.1. -Unmindful; unconscious; unaware

1.7. Sublime

1.7.1. -Elevated or lofty in thought, language, etc. Impressing the mind with a sense of power

1.8. Psycopathic

1.8.1. -Relating to a mental disorder in which an individual manifests antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships

2. Quote

2.1. "In the living room the voice-clock sang, "Tick-tock, seven o'clock, time to get up, time to get up seven o'clock!" as if it were afraid that nobody would."

2.1.1. This Quote is significant because it foreshadows that the house is empty, that the owners are gone. It also portrays the fact that the house is fully automated, and will wake the occupiers up at a certain time.

3. By: Ray Bradbury Mind Map By: Jaxon Delgado

4. Questions

4.1. i. What unusual qualities and appliances does the house have?

4.1.1. They are all automated

4.2. ii. What were the five spots of paint of?

4.2.1. Man mowing the lawn, woman picking flowers, boy with hands in the air, boy throwing a ball, girl catching a ball

4.3. iii. What happened to the people?

4.3.1. They were killed via war, no one was occupying the house

4.4. iv. What are some things the house has been protecting itself from?

4.4.1. Dirt, dust, fire, animals

4.5. v. Why is the dog very thin and covered in sores?

4.5.1. because he has not eaten or been bathed, he is exposed to harmful materials in the environment

4.6. vi. What happens to the dog's remains?

4.6.1. They were burned in the incinerator

4.7. vii. What can you infer the family usually does at 2:35?

4.7.1. Relax, party, have fun, drink

4.8. viii. What did the children usually do at 4:30?

4.8.1. play, watch the animals on the wall

4.9. ix. What is the name of the family that lived in the house?

4.9.1. the McClellan's

4.10. x. What are some of the things that the house does to save itself?

4.10.1. shut the doors, spray water, spray a liquid

4.11. xi. What was the last voice to die saying?

4.11.1. "Today is August 5, 2026, today is August 5, 2026, today is....."

4.12. xii. What warning is Bradbury trying to deliver in his story?

4.12.1. If everything becomes automated, bad things will happen in the end. With AI(Artificial Intelligence), control would no longer be in the human's hand. He is warning us about the consequences of automating things that shouldn't become automated

4.13. xiii. Explain how the concept "Post-apocalyptic setting" relates to the story.

4.13.1. The setting of the story is very post-apocalyptic because you know that the people who previously occupied the house are dead or missing from a war of some sort. The surrounding neighborhood is burned to ashes and no one is around.

5. Plot Summary

5.1. In August of 2026, one single house stands in a neighborhood destroyed by war. The house announces it's time to wake up, and no one wakes up, as the owners are missing. The stove turns on and fixes a big breakfast for the family, but the breakfast doesn't get eaten. Everything outside is burned, except for a painting of silhouettes doing ordinary things. A dog barks at the door and the house, recognizing the dogs bark, lets him in. He is covered in sores and prances around a little bit before lying down and dying. Automated mice sweep his body away to the incinerator downstairs. In the evening, the house recites a poem, allows an hour for the children to play, and another hour for the adults to rest & have drinks. That night, a tree falls on the house causing a huge fire. The house fights back with all of its strength, but fails in the end. The fire consumes everything, everthing but one wall, and this wall is repeatedly saying: "Today is August 5, 2026, today is August 5, 2026..."