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JIPMER 2.0 by Mind Map: JIPMER 2.0

1. APAR and service records should be shown to officers as prescribed by rules

1.1. Representation sent on 28 June 2016

2. Exclusive Swimming pool and recreational facilities  for faculty

2.1. Badminton court

2.2. Tennis court

2.3. Upgradation of Gymn with airconditioning

3. Eligibility of examiners should be as per MCI rules (should be based on own rules and regulations approved by SAC and GB like PGI and AIIMS: Documents were submitted to Director on 02 June 2016.

3.1. MBBS

3.2. MD/MS

3.3. MCh/DM

3.4. RTI reply from AIIMS

4. Reimbursements

4.1. Specify the heads under which bank transfers occur; include pending amounts. A web page where each faculty can log in and see?

4.2. Institute funding for International conference, One per year per faculty, business class air tickets (like PGI)

4.2.1. we need to find out if JIPMER has requested for exemption. (RTI was filed in May. Reply from MOHFW pending Yes, it did in 2013, but IFD of MoHFW has not returned the file. RTI still in process

4.2.2. Admin has agreed on principle. (02 June 2016)

4.3. Removal of the 20K cap on delegation fees.

4.4. 4 national conference without riders

4.5. Contributory Health Scheme. Please take a look at draft document and other files here. Click the arrow

5. Meetings

5.1. Elections! 29April 2016 & GB. Agenda and person working on each item will open in next node. (very long list!)

5.1.1. Agenda: Person working on it

5.1.2. Sports complex: Pradeep Nair, Sreerag,

5.1.3. Apar review: Rajesh Representation is ready. Find it and send it

5.1.4. Auditor fees, auditing, tax: Pradeep, Sarasu, Gk

5.1.5. Society submissions as per rules for registration: Pradeep, Sarasu, Narayanan, Gk

5.1.6. New letter head: Sreerag done

5.1.7. Lecturers redesignation: Barath, Vijayaprabhu Communication to admin Admin response

5.1.8. Conferences early bird, international, cap, time bound permission, visa delinking: Sriram, Santosh

5.1.9. Vacation dates: Bikash Naredi

5.1.10. Dogs & covered dustbins: Jindal

5.1.11. Abstract only for international conf: Ramesh Kumar

5.1.12. Aiims guidelines for conferences: Ramesh Kumar: RTI filed 04052016

5.1.13. 7th pay commision demands: Sriram and Jindal

5.1.14. Nursing inclusion: Put to vote in EC or GB, Gk decided in EC not to include

5.1.15. Jipmer karaikal: GomathyShankar, Sriram representation will be sent 24/06/2016

5.1.16. MCI recognition: Sarasu

5.1.17. Dmrd examiners

5.1.18. Examiners eligibility external internal: Ramesh, Gk. Reperesentation sent, met director, AIIMS RTI to be sent to director and dean and all faculty. Do it by 25/06/2016

5.1.19. Guideship: GomathySankar

5.1.20. Entitlement book for faculty

5.1.21. AC for faculty: Narayanan

5.1.22. Seed money: Ramesh

5.1.23. Time bound conference reimbursement, conference advance: Ramesh Kumar

5.1.24. Balmer lawrie to book for national conferences: Ramesh Kumar

5.1.25. No To Biometrics: Bikash Naredi Representation sent!

5.1.26. SBI money deposit labeling: Pradeep Nair

5.1.27. Winter vacation conveyance recovery: Bikash Naredi

5.1.28. Medical benefits: Narayanan, Sriram. Dr. Dorairajan volunteered to contribute Analysing proposal for contributory scheme RTI replies are available in this folder

5.2. JFA met Director, MS,Faculty admin, Faculty finance on 02 June 2016

5.2.1. Minutes

5.3. ec meeting 01

5.3.1. Recap goals and strategy (gk)

5.3.2. Funding for international conference and removal of any cap. What is the next step Write to Prez

5.3.3. Examiner problem Write to all, send norms, jipmer has flouted all norms

5.3.4. Karaikal JIPMER: How can we reduce impact on jipmer, puducherry 5min Write to GB and Prez, get email address RTi :source of funding Voice opinion!

5.3.5. Career progression for GDMO Dr,Sunil will talk sponsored pg seat in jipmer Dr.Sunil will assemble team and build the representation, collect rules CCS rules should be respected for study leave

5.3.6. Wicket gate reopening Reopen it! dissenting vote by Sreerag. JFA is dismayed that the administration is not taking note of the needs of the faculty staying there and even the representation of the JFA

5.3.7. Faculty and residents should be exmpted, from biometric attendance control JFA reiterates need for exemption (voted 12 for 1 against) CCS rules on attendance marking  group A employees JIPMER Rules regarding biometric attendance to be retrieved

5.3.8. Contributory insurance Rate should be comparable to CGHS, AIIMS.Please edit document. (click the arrow)

5.3.9. Summarize done

5.3.10. Approve min pending

5.3.11. Donate 2% of conference money

5.3.12. Financial resources of the JFA multioption account so that we receive interest Will only be able to pay 2k for maintaining website. Should life members pay a small yearly fee: Let GB take decision Request members to donate money 1-2% of conference money generated JFA could conduct scientific programs

5.4. ec meeting 02 (emergency)

5.5. Elections 19 April 2017

6. Campus facilities

6.1. Full online access to all major journals, Biomed central subscription

6.1.1. If funding is a problem, we could contact alumni

6.1.2. Find how much AIIMS spends for Journals

6.2. Operation theater canteen: Jindal

6.3. Exclusive faculty parking space; Robotic parking?

6.4. Exclusive canteen space for faculty in each block

6.4.1. Faculty should be in charge of guest house, community hall, transport and workshop

6.4.2. New guest house should only be for guests of faculty and official purposes

6.4.3. The WCH canteen committee (Narayanan et Lata) is working on reviving earlier plan of multiple food vending kiosks  (sodexo)

6.5. Renovation of Quarters on time and allotment without delay (representation was sent)

6.6. Cost price Supermarket

6.7. Stray dog control

6.7.1. It is illegal to kill them or dislocate them!! Contact peta or corporation for sterilizing them but they will have to relocate them back. Call munucipality control room 9443253238 to lodge complaints with the control room. People can also lodge complaints with the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) by calling 94435 35355. Covered dustbins, as in CMC. Request Workshop

7. Research needs

7.1. Joint meetings of JSAC and IEC where investigator is called in exceptional cases. All clarifications sought by electronic written transmission

7.2. Seed money of 50K for Assistant Professors

7.3. Personal assistants for faculty for research

7.4. Fellowship eligibility rules should be relaxed.

8. Important links

8.1. Google group

8.2. Constitution

8.2.1. Constitutional amendments: Gk is thinking of making a google form. Added to Election form. Could make a better one later

8.3. Faculty webpage. You will have to login

8.4. Executive committee members

9. Ease-of-work needs

9.1. New Hospital Information system: NIC's eHospital

9.2. Pneumatic conveyor system

9.3. eOffice (NIC) for near paper-less, efficient & trackable official communication to eliminate the key bottleneck of delays and untraceable files affecting all communications within jipmer

9.4. Biometric may be good for shift workers but should not be imposed on faculty

9.4.1. Representation was sent on May 2016

9.5. Air conditioning of JAC classrooms. As of now, we can put quiet high performance exhaust fans.

9.6. Budgets for departments

9.6.1. Update mailing address of all faculty. Sreerag, Gomathyshankar: Done

10. Promotion

10.1. Predefined, time-locked, institute-specific, reasonable goal posts based on Sneha Bhargava

10.1.1. Sree Chitra Template is available. Distribute?

11. DEFCON 3 stuff!

12. Examinations

12.1. MCI recognition of courses. Done!

13. My Geistesblitzes

13.1. test subject

13.2. Library usage

14. Teaching and Training

14.1. Karaikal Jipmer: Will it drain mothership's resources?

14.1.1. representation sent on 28 June 2016

15. JFA Housekeeping

15.1. Audit financial transactions and submit minutes of GB meetings to registrar of companies in Lenin street. (pending!!)

15.2. Office space for JFA

15.3. Decide if we can continue website that Vasu built. Cost: 1500 to maintain domain name and around 6000 for running server space

15.3.1. Decision of EC is that we can pay only a maximum of 2k

15.3.2. Vasu said he will sponsor this project himself.

15.4. Request members to donate funds, say a percentage of conference funds generated

16. Elections & Opinion polls

16.1. 2017 elections: days to go

16.1.1. Done! with seven hours to spare

16.2. Online polls: is it feasible?

16.2.1. We will test it out

16.2.2. Technically feasible, however candidates should come forward at least one week prior to date of election and that is not happening. We can use survey monkey paid subscription fo this purpose.

17. Archive of representations and documents

17.1. Comprehensive Requirements Document published on 28 aug 2016

18. Connections!

18.1. Shared folder with NIMHANS faculty association