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1. 1. Overview:

1.1. 1.1. Definition of alcohol abuse

1.1.1. Alcohol abuse Disease Maladaptive pattern Negative results

1.1.2. Scale of drinking

1.2. 1.2 Current situation of alcohol abuse:

1.2.1. Frequency of alcohol consumption over ages

1.2.2. Percentage of student drinking alcohol

2. 2. A closer look

2.1. 2.1.Reason for alcohol abuse:

2.1.1. Escapism

2.1.2. Social influence

2.1.3. Loneliness/ Depression

2.1.4. Stress

2.1.5. Experimentation

2.1.6. Forget problems

2.1.7. Pleasure

2.1.8. Pain removal

2.1.9. Addicted

2.2. 2.2.Consequences:

2.2.1. On academic performance Skipping class Missing deadlines Bombing a test or project Impairing the ability to think Limiting the ability to relate textbook reading to in-class discussion

2.2.2. On health Brain damage Risk of chest infection Swollen liver hepatitis cirrhosis Tingling nerve, numbness, trembling hands Risk of STI and HIV/ AIDS Poor control of diabetes Loss of muscle Enlarged heart, high blood pressure, irregular pulse Ulcers, gastritis, vomiting blood Pancreatitis Impotence in men, infertility in women

2.2.3. On society Traffic accident

2.3. 2.3.Solutions:

2.3.1. Change drinking habits

2.3.2. Use low-alcohol wine

2.3.3. Consider wine as a beverage to enjoy

2.3.4. Limit party participation

2.3.5. Search for joys outside wine

2.3.6. Find other beverages

3. 3. Conclusion:

4. Thời Gian: Thứ 3 thuyết trình => Hoàn thành 12h Ngày 17/4.