Criminal Procedure

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Criminal Procedure by Mind Map: Criminal Procedure

1. Constitutional Criminal Procedure

1.1. Incorporation of Rights

1.2. Constitutional Requirements Binding on the States

1.3. Constitutional Rights Not Binding On States

2. Searches, Probable Cause, and the Warrant Requirement

2.1. What is a Search

2.2. Probable Cause and the Requirements for a Search Warrant

2.3. Warrantless Searches

3. Distinguishing Encounters, Stops, and Arrests

3.1. Arrests and Probable Cause

3.2. Terry stops and Reasonable Suspicion

4. Police Interrogations and Confessions

4.1. 14th Amendment - Due Process and Voluntariness

4.2. 5th Amendment Rights and Miranda Rights

4.3. 6th Amendment Right to Assistance of Counsel

4.4. Gideon and the Right to Appointed Counsel

5. The Exclusionary Rule

6. Criminal Procedure and Litigation

6.1. Double Jeopardy

6.2. The Prosecutor's Duty to Disclose

6.3. Trial By Jury

6.4. Jury Selection

6.5. The Tension Between the Freedom of the Press and the Right to a Fair Trial