There will come soft rains

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There will come soft rains by Mind Map: There will come soft rains

1. vocab

1.1. silhouette: an image represented as a solid shape of one color

1.2. paranoia:a mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions

1.3. Regiment :a unit of ground forces, consisting of two or more battalions or battle groups, a headquarters unit, and certain supporting units.

1.4. Incinerator: a furnace or apparatus for burning trash, garbage

1.5. capullaries: a small blood vessel

1.6. oblivious: not aware

1.7. sublime of such excellence

1.8. psychopathic: abnormal or obscure

2. plot summary

2.1. This short story is not a fun little light read. It dives deep into the moral of humanity. In other words a nuclear war. It also goes in to how technology affects our lives. Simple things like cleaning or doing laundry are completely automated.

3. questions

3.1. 1. What unusual qualities and appliances does the house have?

3.1.1. They can talk.

3.2. 2. what where the five spots of a paint?

3.2.1. Man, Woman, Children, Ball, Charcoaled

3.3. 3. What happened to the people?

3.3.1. They died in a nuclear war

3.4. 4. What are the some of the things the house has been protecting itself from?

3.4.1. Birds

3.5. 5.Why is the dog very thin and covered in sores?

3.5.1. Radioactivity

3.6. 6.What happens to the dogs remains?

3.6.1. The robot mice cleaned it up

3.7. 7.What do the family do at 2:35

3.7.1. Play cards

3.8. 8.What did the children usually do at 4:30

3.8.1. Play

3.9. 9.What is the name of the family that live in the house.

3.9.1. McClellan

3.10. 10.What are some of the things the house does to try to save himself?

3.10.1. close the door

3.11. 11.What was the last voice to die saying

3.11.1. The date

3.12. 12. What warning is Bradbury trying to deliver in his story

3.12.1. nature always wins

4. quote

4.1. And the voices wailed Fire, fire, fire, run, run like a tragic nursery rhyme, a dozen voices, high, low, like children dying in a forest, alone, alone

4.1.1. This quote is important because it shows how a person from the 1950's would think a fire system for the future would be. Instead of voices we have a box on the wall that screams at you every time you put a piece of bread in the toaster. Instead of a sprinkler and little mice with hoses we have just sprinklers. It's funny to think how close Bradbury got to the real thing. The best idea is defiantly the mice with squrit guns though.