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Environment by Mind Map: Environment

1. Social Studies

1.1. Geography

1.1.1. maps map keys/compass rose/ map route to recycling plant physical street

2. Literacy

2.1. Reading

2.1.1. Read Aloud, Independent Readings, Shoulder Buddies, Free Group Readings Nonfiction Fiction

2.2. Writing

2.2.1. Document knowledge gained through journals

2.2.2. Book reviews

3. Movement/Physical Education

3.1. litter walk

3.1.1. pick up litter around campus

3.2. crate walk

3.2.1. collect crates record data and recycle

3.3. nature walk

3.3.1. take a nature walk around campus to identify Earth's resources

4. Science

4.1. Earth's resources

4.1.1. land/water/air/minerals

4.2. reduce, reuse, recycle

4.2.1. compare and contrast items we can do the three R's

5. Arts

5.1. product designed by recycled materials

5.2. create a sailboat/"derby" car out of recycled material. have a class sailboat/"derby" race.

6. Math

6.1. Data Analysis

6.1.1. create graphs with the information from measurement

6.2. Measurement

6.2.1. estimate how many crates we will fill with paper, water bottles, compare to actual amounts, weigh items and compare to our weight

6.3. Number sense

6.3.1. how many pieces of litter each student/entire class picked up each day/week

6.3.2. how many classroom? how many crates do we need?

6.3.3. difference between our individual weight and that of the recycled products