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Work Out by Mind Map: Work Out

1. athletic clothing

2. Home Exercises

2.1. Push Ups

2.2. Squats

2.3. Sit Ups

2.4. Jumping Jacks

2.5. Jogging

2.6. swimming

3. Equipment

3.1. weights

4. Supplements

4.1. amplified creatine

4.2. amino acid

4.3. Protein

4.4. Vitamins

5. Facility Exercises

5.1. Martial Arts

5.1.1. Karate

5.1.2. Kempo

5.1.3. Judo

5.1.4. Jiu-Jitsu

5.1.5. Boxing

5.1.6. Kung-fu

5.2. Rock Climbing

5.3. hiking trips of different levels

5.4. Gym

5.5. Free Running

6. Vision

6.1. Our clients will feel good about themselves and give them a drive for fitness. They will develop the desire the benefits of fitness, which are energy, balance, resistance to sickness, and health through movement of the body.

7. Mission

7.1. How

7.1.1. Our motivation is to teach our community to exercise in a totally different way than the average american routine, and to become fit and experience the perks of being fit. The values we have here are fitness, strength through movement, fun, and knowledge. Our facilities and activities will be focused on fitness through movement. We will have rock climbing and martial arts area, then we will have hiking trips of different levels. We will also have a free running area, where you can learn to free run, mixed with gymnastics. Each are focused on parts main parts of fitness. Strength, speed, balance, flexibility. So we welcome anyone 8 and over to come and share the vision we have with our community. So we welcome anyone 8 and over to come and share the vision we have.