Digestive System

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Digestive System by Mind Map: Digestive System

1. Small intestine (duodenum, jejunum, ileum)

1.1. Digestion

1.1.1. pancreatic juice (released from pancreas)

1.1.2. bile (released from gallbladder)

1.1.3. intestinal juice (released from wall of small intestine maltase lactase sucrase intestinal lipase

1.2. Absorption

1.2.1. rate depends on surface area folds on intestinal wall finger-like villi on folds microvilli on villi surface thickness of villi membrane one-cell thick concentration gradient maintained capillaries and lacteals transport absorbed molecules away length of small intestine ard 6-7m long --> more time for digested food molecules to be absorbed

2. Associated organs

2.1. Pancreas

2.1.1. pancreatic juice pancreatic amylase trypsin pancreatic lipase

2.2. Liver

2.2.1. bile bile salts

2.3. Gallbladder

3. Large intestine

3.1. Colon

3.1.1. Absorption water mineral salts vitamins

3.2. Rectum

3.2.1. temporary store of faeces

4. alkaline

4.1. neutralise acidic chyme

4.1.1. provide optimum pH for enzymes

5. Mouth

5.1. Teeth

5.1.1. Physical digestion Chew food into smaller pcs Increase SA

5.2. Saliva

5.2.1. Chemical digestion Salivary amylase starch ---> maltose pH 6-7

5.3. Tongue

5.3.1. Mix food + saliva bolus

6. Oesophagus

6.1. peristalsis

6.1.1. Circular muscles (inner)

6.1.2. Longitudinal muscles (outer)

7. antagonistic

8. Stomach

8.1. Physical digestion

8.1.1. churning (peristalsis)

8.2. Chemical digestion

8.2.1. gastric juice HCl pH 2 pepsin (protease) protein ---> polypeptide

9. Chyme