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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Types

1.1. Summative

1.1.1. End of large learning period where review and high-quality assessment takes place. Standardized Testing Final Exams Cumulative/ Research Projects

1.2. Formative

1.2.1. Gathering evidence of student learning and adjusting instruction activities for student achievement. Observation Questioning/ Discussions Pre-assessments/ Pre-tests Homework Quizzes/ Unit Tests In-class Assignments

1.3. Interim

1.3.1. Periodic testing throughout school year Little to no student feedback Projects Written Assignments Tests

2. Definition

2.1. Measurement of student learning and teacher instructional practices.

3. Importance

3.1. Helps students learn, improve teacher instruction, evaluate efficacy of education programs

4. Used for...

4.1. Making decisions about student learning needs and modifying teacher instructional strategies

5. Types of Questions

5.1. Multiple Choice

5.2. Matching

5.3. True/False

5.4. Short Answer

5.5. Higher-Order

5.6. Essay

6. Delivery

6.1. Computer-Based

6.2. Paper and Pencil

7. Scoring

7.1. Human Scoring

7.2. Automated Scoring

7.3. Distrubuted Scoring

7.4. Rubrics

7.5. Checklists