Mendeley Data Manager Release Plan (1 & 2)

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Mendeley Data Manager Release Plan (1 & 2) by Mind Map: Mendeley Data Manager Release Plan (1 & 2)

1. Release 1

1.1. Reference Folders

1.1.1. Connect to file storage systems Kloudless

1.1.2. Share folder(s) in a Project

1.2. Upload Files/Folders

1.2.1. Similar UI as Dataset

1.2.2. Project is the container, not Dataset

1.3. Add Files to a Dataset from Project

1.3.1. Add files to a dataset either referenced or uploaded

1.3.2. Similar interface to uploading from file system

1.3.3. show properties of files within Dataset, or is this only private?

1.4. Add tags to files

1.4.1. Tags should use auto-suggest to ensure consistency (based on Project scope)

1.5. Filter files by Tag

1.5.1. In file view, user can filter view by any combination of tags

2. Release 2

2.1. Metadata Template

2.1.1. List of fields ("keys")

2.1.2. Type: text, number, date

2.1.3. Controlled vocabulary list (optional)

2.1.4. Make fields optional (for MVP)

2.1.5. Add description for hover text help?

2.2. Apply Metadata Template

2.2.1. Apply to any folder (includes all sub-folders)

2.2.2. Apply to any file format

2.2.3. Apply to combination of file/format or folder

2.3. Add Metadata Fields to File

2.3.1. Can be done in "property sheet" of file

2.3.2. Custom field is show if the File matches the File Format & Folder settings of a Template

2.3.3. Show text field or drop-down list, depending on field type

2.3.4. Filling in as a table would be nice, but assume too hard for MVP

2.3.5. Bulk update (a la Jira) would be very nice, but assume too hard for MVP

2.4. Filter Files by Metadata Fields

2.4.1. Allow files in a file view to be filtered by Custom Metadata field

2.4.2. Similar to Excel data filtering

2.4.3. Allow user to specify which columns to show in a view (think of Jira as example) maybe not MVP?

2.4.4. Consider Google Docs approach based on File Type filter