What factors influence a woman's decision to breastfeed?

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What factors influence a woman's decision to breastfeed? by Mind Map: What factors influence a woman's decision to breastfeed?

1. Social

1.1. Family

1.1.1. mom did it

1.1.2. grandma did it

1.1.3. sisters did it

1.1.4. Older sister breastfed first one for 5 years easy to observe multi-breastfeeding (tandem) understood the whole concept, just through her, cause she had kids way before I did

1.1.5. husband's cousin

1.1.6. Partner not his choice don't know if he cared either way done it anyway husband's cousin breastfed for a long time

1.2. Bodily autonomy

1.2.1. my body

1.2.2. I was the one in charge

1.2.3. Done it anyway

1.3. No other way

1.3.1. Obvious thing

1.3.2. No other way

1.4. Support

1.4.1. Help me through all that

1.4.2. She helped me

1.5. Nurse

1.5.1. nurse

1.5.2. talk to people

1.5.3. guide them

1.5.4. help me understand

1.5.5. she helped me

1.5.6. she was really good

1.5.7. she had to come and help me through all that

1.5.8. she was with RMH

2. Knowledge

2.1. Health Information

2.1.1. Not having obese kids

2.1.2. Healthy in the future

2.2. Exposure

2.2.1. easy to observe

2.3. Education

2.3.1. Nurse helped understand exactly what to do

2.3.2. helped to figure things out

2.3.3. She (nurse) gave information

2.3.4. She (nurse) kinda taught you

3. "You're raised with it"

4. Descriptive

4.1. Mother of 2

4.2. Breastfed both children

5. Topical

5.1. Timing of decision

5.1.1. Before kids

5.1.2. Before meeting nurse

5.2. Partner influence

5.3. Medical community

5.4. Education

5.5. Exposure