Assesment By: Sydney Aggus

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Assesment By: Sydney Aggus by Mind Map: Assesment By: Sydney Aggus

1. What is assesment?

1.1. Assessment is the shared process of gathering purposeful measurement for documentation, reflection, and improvement for both student learning and instructional practices.

2. Why is assessment important?

2.1. Teachers can track student progress

2.2. Teachers can improve instruction

2.3. Improving student learning

3. Types of assessment

3.1. Formative

3.1.1. Gathering evidence of student learning

3.1.2. Providing feedback

3.1.3. Adjusting instruction to improve student learning

3.1.4. During course of instruction

3.2. Summative

3.2.1. End of unit or end of year assessment

3.2.2. Report card grades

3.3. Interim

3.3.1. Pre determines points of time

3.3.2. Adjusts intruction

4. Examples:

4.1. Formative

4.1.1. Discussion or quiz

4.2. Summative

4.2.1. End of unit test

4.3. Interim

4.3.1. End of course exam