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1. Clan control is the control exerted on individuals and groups in an organization by shared values, norms, standards of behavior, and expectations

2. Organizational culture is an important source of control for two reasons: a. It makes control possible in situations where managers cannot use output or behavior control. b. When a strong and cohesive set of organizational values and norms is in place, employees focus on thinking about what is best for the organization in the long run

3. Values and norms inform organizational members about what goals they should pursue and how they should behave to reach those goals.

4. Managers can create or influence an organizational culture by developing organizational ceremonies and rites. b. These are formal events that recognize incidents of importance to the organization and employees. c. Rites of passage d. Rites of integration e. Rites of enhancement

5. Is another control system that regulates and governs employee attitudes and behavior

6. Is the set of values, norms, standards of behavior, and common expectations that control the ways in which individuals and groups in an organization interact with each other and work to achieve Organizational goals.

7. Is transmitted to organizational members through the values of the founder, the process of socialization, ceremonies and rites, and stories and language.