Students as Learners

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Students as Learners by Mind Map: Students as Learners

1. Digital Learners

1.1. Receive information quickly, multiple media sources

1.2. multi-tasking/parallel processing

1.3. process pictures/sounds/color/video before text

1.4. networking simultaneously with others

1.5. learning "just in time"

1.6. instant gratification/immediate rewards

1.7. learning that is relevant/active/instantly useful/fun

2. Traditional Educators

2.1. Controlled release of information/limited sources

2.2. single tasks

2.3. Text before picture/sound/video

2.4. students work independently before networking/interactions

2.5. teach "just in case"

2.6. deferred gratification and delayed rewards

2.7. teach to the curriculum guide and tests


4. Highlight

4.1. Newone node

4.2. New node