Trainors Club International, Inc.

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Trainors Club International, Inc. by Mind Map: Trainors Club International, Inc.

1. Offering the Following Seminar/Workshops

1.1. Conference and Workshop Planning

1.2. Leadership Development Opportunities

1.3. Cashflow Investing Awareness

2. Governing Ideas

2.1. Our Vision

2.1.1. We envision communities. . .

2.1.2. of life-long learners, teachers, trainers, mentors and facilitators. . .

2.1.3. achieving fulfillment individually and as a group.

2.2. Our Mission

2.2.1. The Club that develops. . .

2.2.2. trainors (trainer-mentors or trainer-facilitators). . .

2.2.3. to their maximum potential for sharing their lives to others.

2.3. Our Objectives

2.3.1. 1. Facilitate human resource development events and processes;

2.3.2. 2. Develop systems thinking;

2.3.3. 3. Disseminate information for personal and group enhancement.

2.4. Our Core Values

2.4.1. 1. Personal development;

2.4.2. 2. Integrity;

2.4.3. 3. Cooperation;

2.4.4. 4. Wisdom;

2.4.5. 5. Effectiveness;

2.4.6. 6. Leadership

3. Contact Information

3.1. Website:

4. Reginaldo T. Acedillo, Executive Director

4.1. In 1989 up until 1991, Reggie attended executive development courses at the Asian Institute of Management.

4.2. In 1993, Reggie obtained a diploma in human resource development at the Ateneo de Manila University.

4.3. In 1999, Reggie, Cathy and several close friends founded Trainors Club International, Inc., a non-profit organization

4.4. In 2003, Reggie and Cathy attended the John Maxwell and EQUIP Team Million Leaders Mandate “Train the Trainers” and became certified trainers for Volume One in 2005 and for Volume Two in 2010. Reggie is passionate about sharing the biblical leadership lessons he learned to other potential leaders who will in turn train other leaders.

4.5. In 2004, Reggie became an ordained minister with Grace Communion International-Philippines (which is a member of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches), and preaches for Glory to the Lord Fellowship in Quezon City. Reggie is passionate in learning, living and sharing God's Word.