25 Worst High-Tech Habits

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25 Worst High-Tech Habits by Mind Map: 25 Worst High-Tech Habits

1. The 25 Worst High-Tech Habits and How to Fix Them

2. Using One Password for Everything

3. Commenting Online

4. Failing to Lock Your Smartphone

5. Not Having a Disposable E-Mail Address

6. Checking in With Location-Based Services

7. Replying to Spam

8. Citing Wikipedia

9. Avoiding Security Software

10. Neglecting Offsite Backup

11. Failing to Back Up Your Computer

12. Traveling With an Operating Computer

13. Using a Laptop on a Bed

14. Printing Everything

15. Taking a Camera to the Beach

16. Leaving a Laptop in the Car

17. Keeping All of Your E-Mail

18. Failing to Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

19. Installing Too Much Junk

20. Discarding Receipts

21. Waiting in Line for Tech Stuff

22. Hitting Your Computer

23. Saving Files Anywhere and Everywhere

24. Posting Hilarious Pictures Online

25. Believing the Salesperson

26. Ignoring the Specs

27. http://bit.ly/bqcQ3i