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4-3-2011 by Mind Map: 4-3-2011

1. Emilie

1.1. puttylike updates

1.2. web updates

1.3. coaching

2. Jason

2.1. revamp morning routine

2.2. do a little writing every day

3. cliff notes resources

4. Jeff and Dee

4.1. one podcast per week

4.2. two videos per week

4.3. intro video for podcast

4.4. written post per week

4.5. re-listen to academy section on choosing your audience

4.6. read Dan Kennedy on choosing your audience

4.7. prepare for offline seminar

5. James

5.1. finish that damn script

5.2. keep the blogging and the tweeting

5.3. systemize and organize local business fulfillment (USE VAs MORE)

5.4. facebook fan page blow-out

5.5. Get the first direct mail run prepped for two weeks.

6. Neal

6.1. do a guest blog post (drivers license)

6.2. keep going with twitter

7. Leon

7.1. finish the ebook

7.2. do two more blog posts

7.3. load up the follow-ups into aweber

8. Demi

8.1. finish the 2 email and 4 audio for the opt-in bribe.

9. Andrew

9.1. beta site

9.2. get involved in forums

9.3. autoresponder (segment lists)

9.4. post on blog

10. Greg

10.1. get the local ranking up to second or first for primary keyword

10.2. finalize autoresponder series

10.3. create free report

10.4. build out squeeze page

11. Russell

11.1. fix the product (done too quickly, double quality)

11.2. find out how well the mailing went

11.3. tweak what's not working

11.4. do a second mailing.

12. Rian