Key People in the French Revolution

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Key People in the French Revolution by Mind Map: Key People in the French Revolution

1. Charles de Calonne

1.1. 1734 - 1802

1.1.1. Elected to the Committee of Public safety to reorganize the unsuccessful war efforts against Austria and Prussia Took charge of the military situation with strict regulation and enforcing discipline

1.2. Appointed Controller-General of Finances in order to replenish the drained royal treasury

1.2.1. Proposed reforms to shift the French tax burden from the poor to wealthy nobles and businessmen Although his reforms were supported by the king, the Assembly of Notables rejected them

2. Napolean Bonaparte

2.1. 1769 - 1821

2.2. General in the French army who rose to prominence during the Revolution

2.3. Emperor of France from 1804 - 1814 and 1815

2.4. Accession to Emperor marked the end of the French Revolution

3. Jacques Pierre Brissot

3.1. 1754 - 1793

3.2. Active in the Legislative Assembly and the National Covention

3.3. Leading member of the Girondist movement

3.3.1. Pushed for the end of the monarch, but resisted the momentum of the Revolution

3.4. Executed during the Reign of Terror by guilotine

4. Lazare Carnot

4.1. 1753 - 1823

4.2. One of the first members of the Directory, but was later removed from this position due to a difference in political views

4.3. Voted for the execution of Louis XVI

5. Marquis de Lafayette

5.1. 1757 - 1834

5.2. Led the French forces in the American Revolution

5.2.1. Revered by the common people of France for his dedication to liberty and principles

5.3. Organized the National Guard of armed citizens for protection from an attack by the king

5.3.1. Withdrew support for the Revolution as it became more radical

6. Louis XVI

6.1. 1754 - 1793

6.2. King of France from 1774 - 1792

6.3. Executed during the Reign of Terror by guilotine

6.4. Inherited the debt problem and financial crisis of the Nation

6.4.1. Added to the crisis with heavy spending

6.4.2. Tried to implement reforms, but was met with hostility

7. Marie Antoinette

7.1. 1755 - 1793

7.2. Wife of King Louis XVI

7.3. Executed during the Reign of Terror by guilotine

7.4. Symbol of French monarchy dissolution and excess

8. Jacques Necker

8.1. 1732 - 1804

8.2. Director-General of Financr from 1777 - 1781

8.2.1. Controlled all of France's wealth

8.2.2. Blamed for the high debt increase from participation in the American Revolution

8.2.3. Produced a government budget

8.2.4. Reforms for the financial crisis were ineffective

9. Maximilien Robespierre

9.1. 1758 - 1794

9.2. Leader of the radical Jacobins

9.2.1. Voted for the execution of King Louis XVI

9.2.2. Pushed the Revolution to its most radical and bloody phase Reign of Terror from 1793 - 1794 Guillotined all enemies of the Revolution for democracy

9.3. Chairman o the Committee of Public Safety

9.4. Executed during the Reign of Terror by guillotine

10. Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes

10.1. 1748 - 1836

10.2. French Roman Catholic clergyman and political writer

10.3. Author of "What is the Third Estate?" (1789), manifesto of the Revolution

10.3.1. Outlined the needs and difficulties of the people of the Third Estate

10.4. Voted by the execution of Louis XVI