lesson 16-20

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lesson 16-20 by Mind Map: lesson 16-20

1. They eat lunch every day.

1.1. Who is eating brakfast?

1.2. He eats cereal and fruit for breakfast.

1.3. I eat lunch at noon.

1.4. mary is drinking tea.

2. Where are you going?

2.1. Mary is going to school.

2.2. they runs every noon to the movies.

2.3. He eats chicken at the mess hall.

2.4. I eats a snack in the afternoon.

3. Where do they study?

3.1. they study in the librery every morning.

3.2. joe studies after class

3.3. He takes a shower before class

3.4. They swims every day after lunch.

4. when does the bus leave?

4.1. he always studies after class.

4.2. I never take a taxi.

4.3. they sometimes eat chips.

4.4. i never see tv.

5. Who knows the answere?

5.1. Who studies at the librery?

5.2. I study in my room after class.

5.3. Where do you eat dinner?

5.4. Who studies late every night?

6. video