Bloom's Taxonomy

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Bloom's Taxonomy by Mind Map: Bloom's Taxonomy


1.1. Creating

1.1.1. invention, make something new original poem create questions for jeopardy that class will use make a prototype

1.2. Evaluating

1.2.1. make a decision based on assessment talk to group about opinions and facts, come up with a group design test prototype and make changes pre-test, post-test, what is missing?

1.3. Analysing

1.3.1. breaks up, finds evidence for conclusion Scientific Process Design Process Writing Process

1.4. Applying

1.4.1. uses in a new situation use information from previous project to complete new project do same sort of problem using different numbers use information that you learned to create a PowerPoint

1.5. Understanding

1.5.1. interpret, translate write in your own words help someone else understand determine meaning

1.6. Remembering

1.6.1. recall recite memorize write it down


2.1. Evaluation

2.1.1. judge something Why do you think that happened or what made them become who they are? What happened to the characters and how did it change them? What do you think about your work up to this point?

2.2. Application

2.2.1. apply knowledge to a new situation use this to do that try to do it again a different way if this happened, what would you do?

2.3. Synthesis

2.3.1. creative and original thinking How would you assemble this? How would this be different if that had happened? Construct a Prototype

2.4. Analysis

2.4.1. break it down: reasons, causes, motives what caused this? Why did they do that to them? What was the motive for doing this?

2.5. Comprehension

2.5.1. combine data, group, categorize illustrate main idea what do they make?

2.6. Knowledge

2.6.1. Recall How? What? Who?