Periodic Table

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Periodic Table by Mind Map: Periodic Table

1. Groups

1.1. Alkali metals

1.2. Alkaline earth metals

1.3. Inner transition elements

1.3.1. Lanthanides

1.3.2. Actinides

1.4. Transition metals

1.5. Other metals

1.6. Nonmetals

1.6.1. Noble gases

1.6.2. Halogens

1.6.3. Other nonmetals

2. Period

2.1. Row in the table of elements

3. Periodic Law

3.1. the pattern of repeating properties

4. Each individual element

4.1. Atomic Number

4.2. Atomic Symbol

4.3. Atomic mass

5. Properties in a group

5.1. Alkali metals

5.1.1. silver-colored

5.1.2. soft metals of low density

5.1.3. increasing reactivity

5.1.4. decreasing melting and boiling point

5.1.5. vigorous reactions with water to give out hydrogen gas

5.1.6. one electron in their valence shell

5.2. Alkaline earth metals

5.2.1. silver colored

5.2.2. soft metals

5.2.3. react readily with halogens to form ionic salts and with water

5.2.4. higher melting points and boiling points than alkali metals

5.2.5. two electrons in their valence shell

5.3. Halogens

5.3.1. high reactivity decrease down the group

5.3.2. At room temperature and pressure, fluorine and chlorine are gases, bromine is a liquid and iodine and astatine are solids