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Dissertation References by Mind Map: Dissertation References
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Dissertation References

Plan to read

A clash between game and narrative

On the Role of the Die: A brief ludologic study of pen-and-paper roleplaying games and their rules

The Semiotics of Time Structure in Ludic Space As a Foundation for Analysis and Design

Narrative, Games, and Theory

Half-Real: Video Games Between Real Rules and Fictional Worlds

Ludology Meets Narratology: Similitude and differences between (video)games and narrative.

Why We Play Games:Four Keys to More Emotion Without Story

Mimesis as make-believe: on the foundations of the representational arts

Dungeon Masters Guide II

Player-character relationship

The Myth of the Ergodic Videogame Some thoughts on player-character relationships in videogames

Towards an Aesthetic of Presence in 3D Avatar-driven Computer Games

Deadly Premonition Is "Interesting"

Games Design theory

Rules of Play

What WarioWare can teach us about Game Design


A survey method for assessing perceptions of a game: The consumer playtest in game design

Controlled Experiments on the Web:Survey and Practical Guide

Semiotics / Symbols

Symbolism 101

Game Props

narrative dissonance

Analysis: My Husband is a Little Blue Peg - Story In Life Quest

Analysis: Communicating Character In Fable II

Opinion: Characters, The Building Blocks Of Your Reality

Perspectives of Computer Game Philology

Game Characters

Game Writing Narrative Skills for Videogames

Player type

Players Who Suit MUDs