lesson 16 to 20

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lesson 16 to 20 by Mind Map: lesson 16 to 20

1. Where are you going?

1.1. making suggestions.

1.2. what are you eating.

2. they eat lunch every day

2.1. affirmative and negative statements in the present tense

2.2. I drink coffe. I dont drink coffe.

2.3. we dont eat in the barracks.

3. who knows the answer?

3.1. grammar who .simple present tense

3.2. (i/say/name/teacher. i say my name to the teacher.

4. when does the bus leave

4.1. always, sometimes, never

4.2. how often are they hare?/ how often is martin sick.

5. where do they study?

5.1. where / simple present tense

5.2. what /simple present tense

5.3. when /simple present tense

6. F.A.E.E.A. "B"


6.2. N.L. 2