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Woodland Vole by Mind Map: Woodland Vole
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Woodland Vole

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

MY resourses


Eatin by corn snakes and copperheads.

Eat grasses ,roots and seeds.

Need unpullted air

Drinks a varitey of water.


Human Impacts

Organizations:They can make habitats just for them .

Me: I can stop polluting and start to recycle properly.

Government: Can make special laws that u can not hurt the animals habitat .


Size:20 -37 g

Graysh brown fur

Short tail and small ears

20- 24 days and has a litter of three voles.

Eyes and ears closed .


Bogs ,Orchards,Forested wetlands.

Lives in moist grasslands.

Digs shallow burrows to live in .


Special concern provincailly and natincally