Political & Artistic Revolutions of 19th Century

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Political & Artistic Revolutions of 19th Century by Mind Map: Political & Artistic Revolutions of 19th Century

1. Liberalism

1.1. A political philosophy based on Enlightenment ideas, which stated that people should be as free as possible from government restraint.

2. Nationalism

2.1. Made people aware of being part of a community with common institutions, traditions, language, and customs. People owe their chief political loyalty to the nation rather than to a dynasty, city-state, or other political unit.

3. Socialism

3.1. A system in which society, usually government, owns and controls some means of production, such as factories and utilities.

4. French Revolution

4.1. a period of far reaching political and social upheaval in France, it was partially carried by Napoleon when he ruled and began the French Empire

5. Revolts of the 19th Century

5.1. In 1848 a revolt broke out against the Austrians in Lombardy and Venetia, which are now apart of the Austrian Empire.

6. Italian Unification

6.1. Austria was the dominant power on the Italian Peninsula. After a failure of the revolution, people looked to Piedmont for leadership in order to achieve unification in Italy.

7. German Unification

7.1. A political and administrative unification as an integrated nation state

8. Romanticism

8.1. A new intellectual movement that emerged as a reaction to the ideas of the Enlightenment. They emphasized feelings, emotion, and imagination as sources of knowing.

9. Realism

9.1. the attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly

10. 19th Century Science

10.1. The first electronics appeared in the 19th century. The telegraph and the Morse Code were discovered/invented. Also, the first functional light bulb was invented.