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IT Masterplan by Mind Map: IT Masterplan
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IT Masterplan

  Hi course mates! Welcome to the online lecture for this week. :) Here's what we like you to do! View the video Get an overview of what the IT masterplan 1,2 & 3 are all about Get an insight to our critique Share your thoughts about using IT in the classroom or critic the master plan 3. Your critique can be positive and negative ones. Make sure you have viewed the tutorial on how to edit this mind map. The tutorial video can be found at For the log in username and password to edit the map, please refer to the mass email sent by us. You can either use the account we created or sign up on your own. Take part in the poll Feel free to edit or share any additional relevant stuff on this mindmap. If you have any technical difficulties, please contact Izyan at She will be glad to assist you. :) Cheers and Enjoy!  


IT Masterplan 1

IT Masterplan 2

IT Masterplan 3


Our Critique




Lets's Poll! Please complete the poll in order; from the top to the bottom link.

Your Thoughts and Critique

General Thoughts

Critique on Master Plan 3

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