19th century nationalism in revolutions

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19th century nationalism in revolutions by Mind Map: 19th century nationalism in revolutions

1. Liberalism

1.1. Focuses on liberty and equality and often makes changed to policies to keep uo to date

2. Nationalism

2.1. Arose out of peoples awareness of being part of a community with common institutions, traditions, language and customs

2.2. Beliefed people owe their chief political loyalty to the nation rather than to a dynasty or other political unit

2.3. Believed each nationality should have its own government

3. Socialism

3.1. Range of economic and social characteristics

3.2. Democratic control of means and production

4. German Unification

4.1. created a politically and administratively integrated state

4.2. Located at Versailles Palace

5. Romanticism

5.1. Emerged as a reaction to the ideas of the Enlightened

5.2. Emphasized feelings, emotion and imagination as sources of knowing

5.3. Valued individualism(the belief in the uniqueness of each person)

6. Realism

6.1. Movement in the literary and visual arts

6.2. Belief that the world should be viewed realistically

6.3. Views were closely related to the scientific outlook

7. 19th century science

7.1. Invention of the "flying Shuttle" made weaving faster

7.2. The Steam Engine was created that improved the coal and iron industries

7.3. Factories used their new machines constantly and was able to create more jobs

8. French Revolutions

8.1. French Revolution sparked revolutions in other countries

8.2. Caused for a call for a new constitution

9. Revolts of early 19th century

9.1. Based on governmental problems

9.2. Many rebellions stemmed from slavery

10. Italian Unification

10.1. Political and social movement that united states of the italian peninsula

10.2. Created a single state called Kingdom of Italy