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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Lets us do work.

2. types

2.1. potential

2.1.1. Stored energy chemical (CPE) The energy inside chemicals gravitational (CPE) What something has when it's lifted up. elastic (EPE The energy of stretched things or squashed (compressed) gases,

2.2. kinetic

2.2.1. The enrgy that moving things have.

2.3. radiant

2.3.1. Energy that travels in waves.

2.3.2. These waves can travel through a vacuum.

2.3.3. Different sorts have different wavelengths.

2.3.4. examples: Visible light, UV, infrared, radio, TV, microwaves

2.4. sound

2.4.1. Really a kind of kinetic. Particles vibrate. the ear: Check this out: outer ear middle ear inner ear ear drum bones of middle ear eustachian tube cochlea auditory nerve.

2.4.2. Loudness is measured in decibels. Check this out:

3. The law of energy conservation says....

3.1. Energy can't be made or destroyed. Only its type can be changed e.g.

3.1.1. 1. CPE (of gas) to heat and light (of lab burner) =the energy change in our burners 2. Electrical to light=energy change in a bulb......examples of energy transfers (conversions). No energy transfer is ever 100% -some energy is always lost as heat.

4. temperature

4.1. How much kinetic energy particles have.

4.1.1. hot-they have lots.

4.1.2. cold-they don't have much.

5. transfer

5.1. conduction

5.1.1. Happens in solids. It's a chain reaction. Particles vibrate more when they get some more energy and hit the next particle which vibrates more etc.

5.2. convection

5.2.1. Happens in liquids and gases. Particles move in circles-they rise when they get hot, taking energy with them, and fall when they cool.

5.3. radiation (radiant energy)

5.3.1. the electromagnetic spectrum Energy that travels as waves (radiant) and can travel through a vacuum. Waves have a length, height.