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Timber Rattle Snake by Mind Map: Timber Rattle Snake
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Timber Rattle Snake

Timber Rattle Snakes do not lay eggs.

Adult Rattle snakes are large stout-bodied snakes that can reach lengths of 50 to 60 inches depending on geographic location.

Timber Rattle snakes are heavy-bodied pit vipers with a prominent rattle at the end of the tail.

Timber Rattle Snake attacks humans when they feel like they are getting threatened.





36 to 60 inches in length



Timber rattle snakes live in hilly wooded areas. people do not hang out in hilly wood areas because their warned that thier timber rattle snakes live in hily wooded areas.


Thier main diet constits of mice and rats.And they may eat birds and lizards.

Picture of Timber rattle snake