Conflict Diamonds in Africa

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Conflict Diamonds in Africa by Mind Map: Conflict Diamonds in Africa

1. Diamond Facts

1.1. By the Numbers

1.2. Where They Come From

1.3. Diamond Values

1.4. Who is Affected

2. History of Conflict Diamonds

2.1. Timeline

2.1.1. Civil Wars

2.1.2. Kimberly Process

2.1.3. UN Involvement

2.1.4. Diamond Industry

3. The Process

3.1. Where Diamonds Are Going

3.1.1. Map

3.2. Who Buys Diamonds

3.2.1. Interview with Consumer

3.2.2. Interview with Jeweler (if possible)

3.3. Where Diamonds Go Through

4. Background Information

4.1. Defining Conflict Diamonds

4.2. Short Text Intro to the Issue