Collective Action

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Collective Action by Mind Map: Collective Action

1. Garrett Hardin

1.1. "The Tragedy of the Commons"

1.1.1. Prisoner’s Dilemma Game

1.1.2. In class most people agreed that without a prize (or when the prize is something you're not interested in) that it is easier to reach cooperate-cooperate strategies.

1.1.3. Many of Axelrod's "Conditions fro Human Cooperation" came into play during our PD experiment

2. Elinor Ostrom

2.1. "Governing the Commons"

2.1.1. Design Principles


2.1.3. Social Media interpretations of Ostrom's Desgin principles

3. Robert Axelrod

3.1. "Three Conditions for Human Cooperation"

3.1.1. i. A likelihood of meeting in the future

3.1.2. ii. An ability to identify each other

3.1.3. iii. A record of past behavior

4. Smart Mobs