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Atom by Mind Map: Atom

1. Element

1.1. Isotope

1.1.1. Same number of protons, different number of neutrons

1.1.2. Most are radioactive Capable of releasing radiation Nuclear decay Gamma Ray Daughter Product

1.2. Periodic Table

1.2.1. Chemical Family

1.2.2. Period

2. Nucleus

2.1. Proton

2.1.1. Positively charged

2.1.2. More protons than electrons Cations

2.1.3. Slightly less mass than neutrons

2.1.4. Atomic number

2.2. Neutron

2.2.1. No charge

2.3. Mass number

2.4. Alpha Particle

2.4.1. Positively charged

2.4.2. Emitted from nucleus of a radioactive atom

2.5. Beta Particle

2.5.1. Negatively charged

2.5.2. Emitted from nucleus of a radioactive atom

3. Electron Cloud

3.1. Electron

3.1.1. Negatively charged

3.1.2. 1000th the mass of a proton

3.1.3. Valence Electrons Electron dot diagram Outermost Electrons

3.1.4. Shells Orbitals Hund's Rule Subshells Diagonal Rule s,p,d,f Electron Configuration Pauli Exclusion Principle

3.1.5. Aufbaus principle

3.1.6. Gain or lose Ion

3.1.7. More electrons than protons Anion

3.1.8. Spin

3.1.9. Poistron Positively charged