El Conjunto

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El Conjunto by Mind Map: El Conjunto

1. Formatting KEY

1.1. Stages of Implementation

1.2. What is this section? Like a to do list? I sent you the stages doc. to you and tom both.

2. Additional Notes

2.1. PPT: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/11BbHLQACExHNkjyzJ47E5-URrWn1xrmy0sEniO9JF1o/edit?usp=sharing_eid&ts=57071382

3. What is this service?

3.1. Give the Tulsa Market an Effective Spanish Learning Program

3.2. Focus on Conversation using:

3.2.1. In Person Class

3.2.2. Online Class

3.3. Stages of Implementation

3.3.1. Crawl anything w/#1 is a crawl stage

3.3.2. Walk anything w/#2 is a walk stage

3.3.3. Run anything w/#3 is a run stage

4. Supporting Cast

4.1. Sinoun

4.1.1. Website Development

4.1.2. Market Research

4.2. Bennett

4.2.1. Advise on Implementation

4.2.2. Word of Mouth Marketing

4.3. Tom?

5. Planning

5.1. Budget

5.1.1. Marketing Materials Flyers Website

5.1.2. Personel Support Cash before Income - TRS GA funds

5.1.3. Tax/Legal Requirement

5.2. Timeline

5.2.1. Summer-Fall 2016

5.2.2. Spring - Summer - Fall 2017

5.2.3. Spring 2018

5.3. Students

5.3.1. 2-5 students

5.3.2. 6-10 students

5.3.3. 11-15 students

5.4. Class Requirements

5.4.1. Curriculum TPR STORIES class skit vocabulary extended readings extended listening activities extended writing and speaking GRAMMAR LESSONS conversation card activities other offerings for classes, professional jargon, diff languages

5.4.2. Google Apps google account

5.4.3. tablet or laptop apps like kahoot, quizlet, duolingo, et al

6. Actions to Market this Business

6.1. Limitations

6.1.1. Rosita's Schedule Care for Jimi and Gigi

6.1.2. Rosita's Budget Start Up Support Costs

6.2. Who are We Marketing to?

6.2.1. Homeschool Students why: they otherwise dont have a Spanish class, and want it probability: medium ($ is probably a limitation)

6.2.2. 25-45 yr - Job Requirements why: job demands spanish proficiency in a short period of time (within one year) probability: high - so make part of crawl stage Employer pays tuition?

6.2.3. 45+ - Personal Interest why: they have always wanted to learn Spanish but didnt have the time, now they have the time and money? probability: medium

6.3. How?

6.3.1. Website Sinoun to Develop Milestones Launch Integration with Social Media

6.3.2. Printed Flyers Where to put flyers? at school grocery stores colleges door to door on windshields

6.3.3. In Person Confontation door to door

6.3.4. Social Media Facebook Group Twitter YouTube

6.4. Market Research

6.4.1. Get a List of 15+ People who can provide quality critical feedback

6.4.2. Talk to All Age groups to gauge interest

6.4.3. Get Testimonials

6.4.4. What questions to we need to ask people to get them thinking about wanting this product?

7. Impediments/Risks

7.1. Challenge Getting Contacts with Key Personnel In Schools

7.2. Challenges Getting Testimonials

7.3. Financial Requirements to get started

8. Motivational Thoughts


8.1.1. Push the Limits of What's Possible, But Keep an Eye on Reality

8.1.2. Listen to your Gut